Food security and Climate Change

Since 2014, Centro Madre has worked together with a group of ecological farmers who once a month in Caracas sell their produce. They are called Feria Conuquera. They have a truck to help the farmers to get their produce to the Feria once a month. In 2020 the truck needed some serious repair: $2500 was needed. Centro Madre did a fundraising with pifworld. The total money was raised with the help of the Dutch foundation Miezaan, who donated $1500.

Farmers thanking Centro Madre and Foundation Miezaan for the repairs of the truck
Truck being used for carrying produce to the market

The foundation Centro Madre helps ecological farmers with their different needs. The present economical and political situation in Venezuela has made it very hard for the farmers to grow their products. They can either not find or afford what they need, such as seeds, fertilizer and transportation for their harvest. They may have transportation but cannot afford to fix and maintain their car. Often they cannot get gasoline or diesel for their machines or to take their harvest to town to sell it. This threatens their survival as well as the food security of the country.

Arlenis is from Junquito and is part of a collective of organic farmers.  She received a donation to expand the irrigation system on her land and to grow carrots. Pablo sells honey from beekeepers outside of Caracas. Now he is becoming a beekeeper himself.  He started with several boxes in El Hatillo. Working with Africanized bees requires proper protection. He received a donation of 3 bee suits.

Organic carrots in El Junquito

Julian and his family tend goats and do a variety of other agricultural activities. Without transportation they cannot do their work. So when the car broke down, it was a disaster for them. With help of Centro Madre they were able to fix the car. Alfredo is from Junquito. He grows organic vegetables and fruits. He has a car to bring his harvest as well as that of his neighbors to the city. When his car broke down, it affected several farmers. With a donation from Centro Madre he could fix his car.

Distribution of organic seeds donated by sympathizers from Holland and the United States

Organic seed distribution
Organis seeds distribution